Window Film Technology

Abbey Protect Window Film is our partner company that specialises in Energy Saving Window Film technology.

Our specialist window film technology will save you money all year round.

Solar Control / Energy Saving

When it is hot outside, it will keep the rooms cooler saving on electricity that is used for AC units or fans.

When it is cooler outside the film will retain the heat within the premises better as it increases the thermal efficiency of the glazing, this will save money on heating costs.

Some of our Client Base

There are a number of other key benefits of Window film as shown here.


We have a range of different films that can be Frosted, Opaque and Etch effect for ultimate privacy and security.

Our privacy films prevent anyone from being able to view the interior of your workplace without blocking out all of the light. Plus one way and two way options are available dependent on your needs.


Glass and glazing can be seen as the weak point when it comes to a premises security, where untreated glass can be easily broken. Our specialist security window film can help protect your windows and your premises.

See our Security Window Film in action below.

As you can see here, the security window film dramatically slows down the intruder and there is so much noise being made that the intruder will disappear to look for a simpler target. This leaves your assets and possessions protected.


Any glazing needs to be protected against breakage in a dangerous manner. This is particularly relevant to any premises with single glazing as it is a hazard to the public and staff.

Regulation 14 is an important part of the Health and Safety  at Work Act (HSWA) that is applicable to all workplaces including hotels, schools, care homes, offices and factories.

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